Max after his first outing in the RB15: “Positive day”

Published on 13 February 2019 by Mike Motilall

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing presented their 2019-race car, the RB15, today. Max Verstappen had the honour of getting behind the steering wheel for the first time during a promo day on Silverstone.

At the end of the session, Max had the following to say: “The day is done after the first few kilometers with the car. After my first run, I was smiling. Very happy how the car was behaving, plus very positive about the engine as well. It is a really nice group of people at Honda to work with as well.”

Looking ahead at next week Monday, when the off-season testing in Barcelona will commence, Max continues: “I can’t wait to get started now for Barcelona and start working on the development for the first race in Melbourne. In that respect it was a very positive day, I was very happy about it.”

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