Max joins FIA International Stewards Programme: 'Learned a lot'

Published on 10 February 2019 by Niels Hendrix

Following a day spent as an observer the stewards of the Marrakesh E-Prix in January, Formula 1 driver Max Verstappen joined the FIA International Stewards Programme in Geneva on Saturday. He took part in a number of the interactive case study sessions, which involved considering an incident, deliberating with the stewards and deciding an appropriate penalty – activities which are in line with the educational approach taken by the FIA in this matter.

“We are doing our job on the track, trying to get the best out of the race, and it’s clear that the stewards are doing their job to find the best way to reach a fair decision”, Max said. “It’s been a good lesson and I’ve learned a lot, both in my day in Marrakesh, which I really enjoyed and which gave me a good understanding of the stewards, and now here – I think it’s also good to be a part of this event.”