Max & Pierre go ice karting: Bulls on Ice!

Published on 08 February 2019 by Niels Hendrix

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing driver Max Verstappen, his team mate Pierre Gasly, two go-karts and an ice track: the ingredients for an awesome video!

"This was my first time karting on ice and I had a lot of fun!", says Max in Flevoland (The Netherlands), where the recording took place. "It's been two years since I sat in a proper kart, it was really nice. I think at one point we were going over 100, in sixth gear, so it was great. Ice racing in a kart was a new experience. And although I've had many special times in a kart, this was definitely one of the best days! I had a lot of fun today with Pierre and it was a great way to start the season together.”