Jos regarding Max: 'He needs to take risks every race for a podium finish'

Published on 26 November 2018 by Mike Motilall

Max Verstappen rounded up the season in style this year with his eleventh podium finish in Abu Dhabi. During a phone session in Ziggo Sport’s Peptalk, his father Jos looks back, from Dubai, at what an exciting season his son has had.

“I notice that Max is using his head more during the race itself and that he is taking less risks”, Jos replies to the question if Max, as he says himself, has remained the same the entire season. Something Jos doesn’t quite really agree with: “Except yesterday, they were risky but I think they were just really good moves as well.”

Regarding the fight with Esteban Ocon, Jos says: “I knew what Max was going to do because in that corner in the previous races, he also overtook the lot. I only don’t get it that he pulled it off a second time as well. He needs to do it in a corner where nobody expects it and that is actually the problem he’s been facing the entire year.”

On the question regarding which one of Max’ race he is the most proud of, Jos says: “I don’t think there is any one in particular, America was good, Russia was good as well, but Austria was also very important and good. Mexico was good, the same for Brazil and in Abu Dhabi he also did pretty well. But then you see that he has learned a great deal and that he has been performing super at almost every race. Except at the start of the season, everything was going south. Max has never been so well motivated and was also tremendously well prepared this year, then a few moves that don’t stick the way he wanted to, and the entire press corps trips over him.”

On the statement that only Lewis Hamilton was the one who was better this year, Jos can only partially agree to: “Yes, that is correct, but he drives a much faster car and that makes it a bit more convenient if you are able to start from pole every race. The car is very good but regarding race pace we fall short and then he needs to take risks every race for a podium finish, that is recurring every race. Max was forced to make a number of moves yesterday for him to be able to get third place. Looking at Hamilton, he starts from pole and then wins the race, you don’t need to take such risks. Then it’s easily said that you are the better driver. For sure he also has the better car.”