The Hungaroring, according to Max: 'Controlling the rear tyres'

Published on 28 July 2018 by Raymond Snip

In Formula 1 Café, the Ziggo Sport TV show, Max Verstappen explains why sector two of the Hungaroring, the curvy and tight part of the track, suits the RB14 so well. And how he approaches this challenge.

"It is important to have a stable rear of the car, without getting too much understeer. I think we did well in free practice two", the Dutch Aston Martin Red Bull Racing driver said. "Then you need to hit the apex everywhere, because if you miss it, you will not be set-up for the next corner and that is important."

Max delves further into the matter, when asked about the most difficult part of the track. "The most difficult thing is to control the rear tyres in the long runs. You lose grip quickly, so you have to change many settings on the wheel. And if you have low grip when entering curves, a mistake is made easily, so you have to stay very focused. If you make a mistake, you immediately go off the racing line."

Although in sector 2, time can be gained compared to the competition, unfortunately this does not compensate for the loss on the straights. "On Friday we lost seven to eight tenths on the straight. That is far too much. If you look at how much time we lose on the straight, it is as if we are racing in a different class. Then it gets difficult and a pole position is not realistically possible."

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