Max pleased with first day in Montreal: 'Car worked well'

Published on 09 June 2018 by Raymond Snip

On the schedule this weekend is the Canadian Grand Prix. In Ziggo Formula 1 Café, Max Verstappen reflects on the first two free practice sessions in which the Dutchman from Aston Martin Red Bull Racing tops the time table. Verstappen will also react to the "head butt" remark.

Max talks about the first and second free practice that went well for him. You do not hit the kerbstones in the first and second fast chicanes? "I was just trying something, around it, over it. To be honest, I was surprised myself that it does not make a big difference."

You were driving long runs in free practice one? "Yes, we do this more often this year when we get the chance. If everything goes well then you can just make a long run", Max explains. "The first 40 minutes I had a tyre puncture, so that's why I could not drive but after that it all went well."

Asked about the new engine, which was dropped in the back of the Red Bull RB14 this weekend, Max tells us: "To me it all feels good, but of course we have not tested it at full power yet. But there is more power available, and therefore more speed."

You set a purple time in the final sector, how do you do that again? "We drive with less wing than the others and in my fastest lap I caught a slipstream. Mercedes is gaining in the corners, so I think we are using not enough wing. But the car just worked well today, but it's only Friday."

Did anybody react weird to the fact that you mention the story of the headbutt? You were kidding, right? "Well, I really wasn’t! At some point enough is enough."

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