Red Bull Racing and Citrix - Virtually unstoppable

Published on 09 January 2017 by Johan Peeters

In a sport where reaction time is crucial, a Formula One team’s ability to instantly respond to changing conditions – on track, on the pit wall and across a rapidly evolving development car battle, can spell the difference between victory and defeat.

Red Bull Racing is therefore delighted to announce that in the pursuit of that competitive advantage it is to expand its relationship with leading-edge software specialist Citrix, who will become an Innovation Partner of the team.

Red Bull Racing’s relationship with Citrix extends all the way back to 2007 and over the past decade the company’s expertise in virtualization and networking technology has helped the team to maintain its place at the forefront of F1 competition. That supplier relationship will now extend to become a deeper technical collaboration aimed at developing innovative integrations that further enhance the team’s capabilities.