Max from Singapore: 'Expecting that we can have a good weekend'

Published on 19 September 2019 by Kees-Jan Koster

The Singapore Grand Prix is known to have a hit to men and machine. It is very hot with a high humidity and the race at Marina Bay is also relatively long. However it is a circuit where Aston Martin Red Bull Racing usually do well scoring good results, as Max showed last year finishing second.

“I expect that we can have a good weekend here in Singapore, but there are no guarantees”, says Max. “There is a lot that has to go well, including qualifying. We have to find a good setup and balance for the car and it is tricky for the Grand Prix as we have sessions during the day and the evening. That should not take us by surprise.”

Max continue: “So everything has to be right before we can talk about scoring good results. Of course we have a much better chance than on Spa or Monza, but let’s see how quick we are in the next couple of days. I will await everything patiently.”

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