Pielli extends number of compounds for 2018

Published on 23 November 2017 by Mike Motilall

Pirelli, Formula 1’s sole tyre supplier, has announced in Abu Dhabi that there will be seven dry weather tyre compounds available for the Formula 1-teams in 2018. On both ends of the scope another compound has been added. The new additions will be the compounds bearing the names ‘Super hard and ‘Hyper soft’.

It had already been announced that a new tyre would be introduced, which would be softer that the current ‘Ultra-soft’. Pirelli even issued a competition to determine what this new compound should be called. In the end the choice was made to call it ‘Hyper soft’. This compound will bear the pink striping.

The other addition is the super hard tyre which is harder than the compound that has been the hardest so far. This new super hard compound tyre will get an orange striping, while the regular hard tyre will be recognizable by a light blue striping in 2018.

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