Bottas tops second day in-season test in Barcelona, Dennis 11th

Published on 16 May 2018 by Mike Motilall

Valtteri Bottas topped the leaderboard today on the second day of in-season testing in Barcelona. The Mercedes-driver did this at the end of the morning session with a 1:16.904 on the super-softs. His time remained unchallenged throughout the entire day. Ferrari running Antonio Giovinazzi came close with a 1:16.972 on the hyper-softs, just a mere tenth. Aston Martin Red Bull Racing’s Jake Dennis was allowed some action on the track and did 75 laps, a 1:20.440 being his fastest.

At the start of the second day of testing, there are many changes to see in the line-up. Simulator driver Jake Dennis is allowed to finish the test day for Red Bull Racing. Antonio Giovinazzi is in a Ferrari today after he drove for Sauber yesterday. We also see Robert Kubica back again behind the steering wheel of the Williams. The Pole was given an opportunity to do the first free practice the previous race weekend.

As Sean Galael remained inside for quite a while due to the replacement of the Honda power unit, the Indonesian was given some more track time from the Italian team. Pierre Gasly would assume control back again of the Toro Rosso around three o'clock.

Just like yesterday, Force India and McLaren are performing a Pirelli tyre test with a second car. The test is part of a development program for the tyres in 2019.

The entire test day goes by without a hitch except for two brief code red instances. The drivers all do their laps and eventually every team passes the 100 lap mark. Only Kevin Magnussen achieves a total of 75 laps around Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. After he stalled on track, triggering the first code red, the Dane’s Haas remained longer inside than was initially planned. An hour and a half before the end of the afternoon session, the team decides not to venture back out again to investigate what has happened.

A few minutes after the track had been cleared, all goes South for Lando Norris, whose presence was on McLaren’s behalf. The leader in the Formula 2-championship came to a standstill in the first sector due to a small issue with the set-up in his orange racing car. After this he did resume his testing activities.

The time set by Valtteri Bottas in the morning session is not bettered during the afternoon. This puts the Finn at the top of the leaderboard of the second day of testing out of the four in-season test days. The next and final two in-season test days will take place on July 31st and August 1st  on the Hungaroring in Budapest.

Barcelona In-Season Test - Day 2

    Driver	Team		 Time	      Difference Laps	
1.  Bottas	Mercedes	 1:16.904		 139	
2.  Giovinazzi	Ferrari	         1:16.972     +0.068	 148
3.  Norris	McLaren	         1:18.039     +1.135	 80
4.  Magnussen	Haas	         1:18.274     +1.370	 75
5.  Mazepin	Force India	 1:18.344     +1.440	 112
6.  Aitken	Renault	         1:18.942     +2.038	 120
7.  Leclerc	Sauber	         1:18.993     +2.089	 139
8.  Kubica	Williams	 1:19.253     +2.349	 123
9.  Gasly	Toro Rosso	 1:19.410     +2.506	 39
10. Vandoorne	McLaren	         1:19.914     +3.010	 96
11. Dennis	Red Bull Racing	 1:20.440     +3.536	 75
12. Gelael	Toro Rosso	 1:20.763     +3.859	 83
13. Latifi	Force India	 1:21.412     +4.508	 121