Max works out at the Red Bull Diagnostics & Training Center

Published on 18 December 2014 by Stefan Meens

Last week, Max Verstappen spent several days at the Red Bull Diagnostics & Training Center (DTC) in Austria. The facilities are located in the small town of Thalgau, near Salzburg. From the outside the main building does not look like it harbours a high tech fitness centre, but all of that changes once you are inside. The DTC is a state of the art gym with perfect medical facilities to support all Red Bull sponsored athletes, about 600 of them.

Apart from the latest equipment, the athletes’ bodies can be monitored during and after their training sessions. Furthermore, there is a team of psychologists ready to support the athletes in the area of mental strength. In short, the centre is the perfect place for Max to prepare for is debut season in Formula 1.

During the four days Max was at the DTC, the morning sessions focused around physical training and exercises. The afternoon saw an emphasis on ‘reaction’ tests and analysing training schedules. Max explains: “Mornings were pretty intense with sessions on the bike and the treadmill. In the afternoons we took it a bit easier with the reaction tests and sessions explaining how I can optimize my training.”

“During the sessions, electrodes were attached to me to measure my blood values. Furthermore, they have taken several measurements to investigate my posture. These are all things that could lead in the long term to potential issues so it’s great we can analyse and investigate things now.”

Max talked with several psychologists as well. “I had a brief chat with them but luckily there wasn’t a proper session scheduled with those guys”, laughs Max.

In the upcoming months, the Red Bull Junior will continue his physical preparation. “I still have to develop myself in all areas but the main strain will be on my neck. If my neck is strong enough, that will prevent most issues. That’s why I'm training my neck every day at home with weight training exercises”, explains a keen Max who is looking forward to March 15, the Australian Grand Prix.

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