Max kicks off the Exact Sales Kickoff

Published on 05 February 2016 by Stefan Meens

Max Verstappen was a guest at the Exact Sales Kickoff 2016, where the Formula 1 start was welcomed by Erik van der Meijden, Exact’s CEO. In front of a 350 international employees of the business software supplier, Max was interviewed, focussing on the upcoming season.

Exact: When you see yourself on TV, what does it mean to you to see yourself pull of those overtakes?
Max: It makes me smile, for sure. We’re racing at high speeds which makes overtaking always difficult and dangerous. It’s nice to see it afterwards, when it all went okay.

E: Why did you choose for Exact as your sponsor last year?
M: I think we share the same thoughts about a lot of things. We want to grow, we want to become the best; me in my sport and Exact in their line of business. I think it’s very exciting that we share that same ambition. That’s the main reason for me to have a partnership with Exact.

E: Can you say something about the upcoming season, with the Ferrari-engine in the Toro Rosso? What are your expectations?
M: We have a new engine, with more horsepower. I’m very happy with that. Of course it’s a 2015-power unit, but still it’s a big step forward for us. Our new car will be a big improvement. But we have to wait and see what the other teams do. They all improve their cars. I am very much looking forward to the new season. Last year was already great. I learned a lot and I’m ready to fight this year.

E: What are your main activities during the pre-season?
M: A lot of physical training in the gym, and outside if the weather is nice. As drivers we can’t get too heavy or become like a body builder, so there’s not much weight lifting. Instead, I do a lot of body weight exercises.

E: Who is the most important person for you within your team?
M: My race engineer. We call and chat a lot during the week; to stay in touch about the development of the car, especially now. During the season we talk about what we can improve, the way we work in terms of car setup. I think it’s very important to stay in touch with the team. Also to show your interest and to keep pushing them forward as well. I try to visit the factory a lot. The team is working for me and I think it’s good if they see my face at the factory.

E: What’s going on in the factory right now?
M: 24/7 work. We had a late announcement with the engine. It was very difficult for the team to get everything sorted, but at the moment everything runs as scheduled.

E: With the new engine, what do you think the performance improvement will be?
M: Between eight tenths to a second per lap. That’s massive in Formula 1 terms, so we are very much looking forward to it. I can’t wait to sit in the new car.

After the interview, and several questions from the audiance, it was time to get the guests out of their seats. The Exact fitness trainer is getting the crowd to to do several excercises with elastic fitness bands. For Max is the perfect warm up for another session in the gym, later in the day.

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